Diggecard needed a company to see their idea through from day one till completion. The focus lay on finding a trustworthy partner who could provide the full cycle development and a professional team of software engineers and designers. SeniorDev was the company that fully matched the requirements, both in terms of cultural background and technical expertise.

Diggecard’s main goal was to build a gift card management system that is easy to use, customizable, and diverse. Catering to the needs of both large organizations and small businesses, Diggecard asked SeniorDev to build a two-sided platform: a marketplace and a merchant portal.

The biggest challenge for Diggecard and SeniorDev was building an omnichannel platform entirely from scratch, including conducting UI/UX design analysis, setting up infrastructure, and creating a consistent and sustainable continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline.
  • Create a product from idea validation to its full implementation, testing, and further growth
  • Develop the architecture of the system
  • Create UX/UI design
  • Integrate with payment systems: Stripe, Appletree
  • Infrustructure setup
  • Prepare CI/CD pipelines
  • Setup QA process
SeniorDev took up the entire project scope, from idea validation up until full implementation, including the post-release ongoing support. We have delivered an omnichannel gift card solution that allows customers to sell their cards via a mobile app, webshop, and physical store. 
The solution consists of two parts:
  • Development fo several products: Marketplace, Merchant portal, iOS/Android appsa
  • Development team of 8 engineers to work on all parts of the product.
  • Agile process based on SCRUM methodology
  • Product planning workshops
  • The separate development approach to ensure the system’s integration with third-party applications used by end-users
  • Merchant portal: a platform for businesses to create, upload, and sell their gift card solutions. The platform is very intuitive and easy to grasp which makes it accessible to anyone, even without any technical or designing background.
  • Marketplace: a platform where buyers can sift through a variety of off-the-shelf and bespoke gift card solutions, purchase them via Stripe and Appletree, and instantly receive them via SMS or email. 
UX / UI, Back-end, Front-end
Microservices, Web
Diggecard is a company that delivers gift card solutions to retailers and businesses. Diggecard helps tech companies implement gift card technology, allows business agencies to prepare gift card, reward, and incentives portfolios as well as provides outsourcing gift card program services for small and large organizations. 
As a result, Diggecard works with more than 500 retail partners from the UK, Europe, Middle East, the US, and Canada.
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