Mobile development
We provide mobile app development services across platforms that drive companies’ online presence, enhance user experience, and promote business growth. Our goal is to deliver mobile high-performance mobile applications with user-friendly interfaces and advanced features. 
Basically, there are two scenarios to approach app development: native and cross-platform. SeniorDev can deliver native Android and iOS applications as well as apps that work across operating systems. Both options have advantages and downsides which is why we offer personalized consulting services where we discuss your case individually and choose the right approach as well as tech stack. 
Our Values:
Seniordev experts deliver incredible Android applications for any type of device such as smartphones, tablets, or wearables, taking advantage of everything Android has to offer.
We thoroughly analyze user behavior and feedback making sure your target audience loves both the app UI and feature set.
  • SeniorDev is determined to build a custom well-functioning application.
  • Using agile and DevOps principles, we will deliver an application faster and more efficiently. 
  • Our client-centric approach to mobile app development allows us to create solutions that cover clients’ requirements, needs, and wishes.
Native Mobile Development Services
Native mobile app development is usually more expensive and time-consuming than cross-platform. However, many companies still prefer to build native apps because of their elevated quality, performance indicators, and feature density. Using languages and frameworks that allow us to build native solutions, developers get access to the native device features like camera and GPS which makes the application more advanced and complex. 
Android App Development Services
Depending on the project, we at SeniorDev use Java or Kotlin for Android app development. Besides building applications for smartphones and tablets, our team can create Android solutions for wearables. We take the lead of the project from day one and take care of user behavior analysis, app design, testing, deployment, and feedback collection and processing. SeniorDeb guarantees an application that caters to your target audience, perfectly performs, and makes a great impression with native UIs and features.
iOS App Development Services
Even though iOS takes up 26% of the market share next to 72% occupied by Android, businesses still prefer to build iOS applications first. iPhone owners are usually more willing to pay for in-app features and upgrade to premium which makes them a great target for companies of all sizes. Our iOS development team uses Objective-C or Swift as the preferred technology stack and makes sure the application performs flawlessly. We adhere to Apple’s strict guidelines and build responsive and high-quality mobile solutions for iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and Apple TV. 
Cross-platform Mobile Development
While native app development usually delivers solutions with better UX design and more features, cross-platform mobile development will save you a large portion of the budget. Besides, cross-platform technologies are becoming more advanced and sophisticated and allow companies to create a near-native feel of the application. 
Instead of building two separate applications, one for Android and one for iOS, our team will use React Native or Flutter to create one solution that works on both operating systems. With the help of native app developers, we will apply native components to make the application look as native as possible.
If you have any questions about building your digital product, please contact us!
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