Project Management
Project management definition revolves around the planning and executing of projects. The goal is to achieve the defined objectives of the project by planning, scheduling, and distributing resources.

Agile project management is one of our specialties as we accompany our clients from the project initiation up until project closure. Our in-house project managers have served on multiple projects, from small-sized startups to large-scale enterprises. We use our expertise to plan out the best strategy, draw up a suitable timeline, calculate cost estimation, and apply the latest development methodologies and technologies. 
The Project Management Phases
We highlight the five most important phases that project managers need to see through. 

Project initiation: involves preparing documentation regarding project objectives, ROI, feasibility study, etc. The project manager also needs to fill all positions required for the project execution. 
Planning: entails creating a list with prioritized tasks with assignees, planning out the budget and timeline, conducting risk assessment, and setting clear communication paths. 
Project execution: besides monitoring tasks, scheduling, and costs, includes procurement and change management. 
Monitoring: requires project managers to evaluate the actual performance against the planned performance and act accordingly. 
Project closure: covers transfer of deliverables, documentation review, reporting.
The Triple Constraint
Every project is unique and we acknowledge that and tailor the solution according to the client’s specifics and circumstances. The cornerstone of project management is balancing out the triple constraint: time, scope, and cost. We understand the importance of managing the triple constraint as the three points influence each other. If your scope extends, the budget will go overboard and the project duration increases. Keeping the right equilibrium among the three elements is the task we are able to master.
What is a project manager?
Our project managers have all passed the Project Management Institute (PMI) certification which speaks of their expertise, talent, and skills. A project manager is someone who is responsible for planning and running the project as well as leading the team. They prepare risk management assessments, plan out task management, calculate resource management, and select suitable project management methodologies.
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