Dedicated team
A dedicated development team is a relatively new alternative to outsourcing. Basically, your team works together with our team on a long-term basis to build your product. The professionals are cherry-picked to fill in the required knowledge gaps as well as to become a seamless addition to your team. We pay attention to cultural fitness, project suitability, and other important aspects to find the perfect fit.

The best part of hiring a dedicated development team is maximizing the advantages of having remote teammates that work solely on your project while delegating administrative tasks that occur when hiring in-house workers. SeniorDev will take care of contracts, taxes, HR formalities, and social benefits while you focus on the project. 
Our Process of Dedicated Development Team Collaboration
  • Scope estimation: how much work do you need to be done and how many people do you need to execute the project?
  • Talent selection: we pay attention to candidates' hard and soft skills as well as motivation and cultural compatibility.
  • Our proposal: we draw up a proposal with the solution, team composition, scheduling, budgeting, research activities, etc., and collect your feedback.
  • Kick-off: after the proposal is agreed upon, we get both teams together to officially introduce them to each other and discuss the upcoming collaboration.
When Should You Consider Dedicated Development Teams?
  • Startups with potential
  • Is your company at an early stage of its career and expected to grow? Hiring a dedicated team will save you the trouble of looking for tech experts, conducting a vetting process, interviewing them, and taking care of contractual responsibilities. SeniorDev will do it for you while you can focus on the business goals and product innovation.
  • Lack of clarity
  • Lack of experience often leads to overspending at the discovery stage. Before you start building a software product, you need to conduct market research, analyze user behavior, and gather requirements for the project. A dedicated team of experts will bring in their experience to accelerate the discovery phase and set clear requirements for the entire project.
  • Long-term collaboration
  • If you are looking for a long-term collaboration, hiring a dedicated development team might be beneficial. With SeniorDev, you can rest assured that the team will stay with you for the entire project duration.
Why not just Outsource?
Outsourcing implies delegating the entire scope of the project or a part of it to another software development company. Although it does free up your schedule to focus on other business aspirations, outsourcing a project often means losing control over it. Dedicated teams become a part of your team, even though they sit at another office. The remoteness has become less of an issue in today’s world where the technologies can easily compensate for it.

Besides, dedicated teams are meant for long-term partnerships. Teams that have been working together for a long time, can visit each other and improve their rapport to make the communication even better. We at SeniorDev are big enthusiasts for client visits as we believe that they strengthen the partnership and tighten the bond between the teams.
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