Web development
Modern web development is not only about building and launching a website. SeniorDev takes a step further and employs the latest technologies and methodologies to deliver the best possible web product. With the client-centric approach and agile best practices, we build websites that drive up the user experience, establish an online presence, and present excellent performance.
Through years of experience, we have gathered domain knowledge that allows us to build custom web applications for startups and SMEs. Our dedicated team of web developers, testers, UI/UX designers, and project managers is ready to prepare the ultimate solution to your problem and create a well-functioning and responsive website. 

Our Values:

  • Agile and DevOps culture that facilitates high-quality applications and great communication flow between the client and development team.
  • Clean and understandable code together with continuous and thorough testing.
  • Customer-oriented approach and continuous adoption of the newest technologies.

What Is Web Development?

Web development is a very broad term that involves the entire process of website creation. Web development companies work with various tech stacks to deliver the best suitable software solution. Tech stack consists of four technologies: frontend, backend, infrastructure, and database.

Frontend Development

Frontend development refers to the part of the application that users see and interact with. SeniorDev utilizes mainly three frameworks for their frontend developments: Angular, React, and Vue.
  • Why Angular.JS?
  • Frontend development refers to the part of the application that users see and interact with. SeniorDev utilizes mainly three frameworks for their frontend developments: Angular, React, and Vue.
  • Why React.JS?
  • We choose React because it shortens the development cycle through the virtual DOM and code reusability. Besides that, React delivers web applications with lower loading time which in itself boosts SEO rankings. Finally, if you are planning to move on to mobile app development after launching a website, React.JS is a great choice as it acts as an easy gateway to React Native. React.JS’s code is compatible with React Native as it works on the same principles.
  • Why Vue.JS?
  • Vue.JS’s great advantage is its lightweight which improves the SEO rankings and UX rates. Vue is also extremely flexible and easy to learn and master, especially, for aspiring coders. The framework is also known for the high grade of customizability and simple integration with other technologies like React.

Backend Development

Backend development is what stays behind the scenes and involves the server-side of the application. SeniorDev uses a broad range of backend technologies, including Java, JavaScript, PHP, .NET, and Ruby.
  • Why Java?
  • We use Java together with Spring because it is platform-independent, comes with a superior IDE, and allows for multithreaded processing. Having been around for 30 years, Java provides a large support community, a rich selection of libraries, and a huge pool of talents. 
  • Why JavaScript?
  • JavaScript remains the number one programming language in the world, and paired up with Node.js serves as an excellent backend technology. Node.js is an easy to learn technology and requires fewer code lines when compared to other backend tools. Finally, Node.js provides the much needed scalability which makes the web application more equipped for ever-changing workloads.
  • Why PHP?
  • SeniorDev chooses PHP when the project requires flexibility and smooth integration with other technologies. Furthermore, PHP works with a large variety of relational databases as well as allows for a high grade of automation in code writing.
  • Why .NET?
  • .NET makes your web pages more flexible, powerful, and easy to maintain. Despite having been developed by Microsoft, .NET is cross-platform and works for Windows, Linux, and macOS. The framework offers automated monitoring and allows web developers to build feature-rich applications.
  • Why Ruby?
  • Ruby is the number one choice for an MVP when the concept needs to be tested and validated. This is due to the technology’s ability to easily manage changes. Paired up with Rails, Ruby’s prominent framework, this technology helps us to build flexible and secure web applications.


Our team at SeniorDev believes that web applications should be hosted in the cloud. Serverless computing makes applications easy to scale, provides a cost-effective strategy, and allows coders to take advantage of cloud security measures like data encryption. Finally, cloud applications become more accessible, mobile, and flexible. 

We work with AWS, Heroku, GCP, and Firebase and utilize the cloud services that these platforms provide. Our team finds that cloud computing benefits both the web developers and end-users as it streamlines and automates a number of routine tasks as well as eliminates downtime and delivers error-free solutions.


SeniorDev is well-versed in working with a wide range of databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis, etc. Depending on the project requirements, objectives, client’s preferences, we are ready to adopt any database.
If you have any questions about building your digital product, please contact us!
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