UI/UX Design & Consulting
In recent years, the software development industry has shifted towards the user. This is where agile methodology and DevOps come into play and make sure client’s needs are being considered and the teams continuously communicate to ensure the best quality. UI/UX design also derives from the client-centric paradigm and trends for personalization.

Our UI/UX designers’ motto is: You never have the second chance to make the first impression!

It is so true, as the statistics show that users tend to abandon an application if it doesn’t respond or load well or if the interface is too complex and confusing. 77% of users quit the application after three days, and the way to avoid it is to focus on user experience. 
SeniorDev offers a full range of services that deliver easy to use software products with exciting features that engage and excite the users. We help to discover your vision for the product and utilize the best technologies to build the UI design that suits your brand.
Our UI/UX Design Process
Our UI/UX design process consists of five stages: product definition, research, analysis, wireframing/prototyping, and testing.
  • In the product definition phase, we collect user requirements to eventually build user personas and stories. 
  • Later, we dive into market research to pinpoint the competition and its strengths and weaknesses.
  • In the analysis phase, we revisit user personas and augment them with data received from the second stage, as well as create experience maps that help us learn how users will interact with the product.
  • Next, we move on to building wireframes and prototypes to visualize the idea.
  • Finally, our testers run tests on the product to evaluate the usability and functionality of the application.
Dedicated UI/UX Designer
Besides building the design that would capture your vision of the product, our dedicated UI/UX design team provides user behavior analysis across various devices to make sure the performance remains consistent. Furthermore, we will continue to collect user feedback and improve the design during each iteration to satisfy application users.
You could also utilize the services of our dedicated UI/UX designers to enhance the design of your current project. Our UI/UX design team will work together with your software development team to build the most suitable user interface. Contact us to get access to our UI/UX portfolio.
UI/UX Analysis
SeniorDev’s UI/UX designers can also consult you on your current design and help you improve it. We will give you our honest and constructive opinions and propose solutions to your UI/UX issues. Together, we will definitely find the middle ground and build you the best design for your software product.
If you have any questions about building your digital product, please contact us!
Let's work together!
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