Mobility / Logistics / Automotive
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Mobility / Logistics / Automotive
Car delivery service
Technology /
Type Script, Node.js,
React, Material UI, Nest.js, AWS, Docker, Nginx, Geo-Coding, webflow, React Native, playwright for tests
The car delivery service has several WEB apps and a mobile app. This system provides opportunities to create a request for car delivery anywhere in Scandinavia and manage it up to completion. There are different types of users:
  • CUSTOMER. Who requests to deliver a car (car-sharing services, car dealers, car rental, workshops, etc)
  • DRIVER. Who has the appropriate certification to deliver a car
  • ADMIN. Who manages the system
The service has different features like smart car delivery planning, route optimisation, request management, etc. and APIs for integrations with partners.
Vehicle damage assessment and pricing system
Technology /
This WEB system caters to the needs of car rental and car sharing companies, facilitating efficient assessment of damage and abnormal wear on rented vehicles upon return. It allows rental companies to document damages directly from mobile devices, ensuring thorough inspections are conducted.
The valuation system, integrated with Autotaksering, provides neutral pricing for damages, which is promptly communicated to customers via SMS or email along with detailed documentation. Customers receive a PDF attachment and a link to view damage images and accept the rate, streamlining the claims process.
This approach empowers rental companies to assess damages independently while ensuring fair and transparent pricing, enhancing operational efficiency. Efficient claims handling is crucial for the profitability of rental companies, and this system equips them with the necessary tools for effective operations and customer satisfaction.
Price request management service for car scratch repairing
Technology /
Angular, Java, Postgres, AWS, Heroku, Twilio, Uploadcare, SendGrid, Bitly
It's a web system in which B2C and B2B customers can send a price request for car scratch repairing to the nearest workshop in Norway.
Customers are drivers, leasing companies, car dealers and insurance companies. The system provide functionality to manage all works from the price requst creation to completion of car repairing work. Also, there are APIs for integration with different types of partners.
Ocean engineering / Oil and gas / Marine vessels
Online remote service for inspection and survey onboard all kinds of vessels and units
This is a comprehensive service, featuring both Web and Mobile applications. The Web platform empowers administrators with a versatile builder tool, facilitating the creation and assignment of customized trials tailored to each individual company's needs.
On the Mobile application, users from the assigned company access their trials, filling them out according to provided instructions and submitting them for review.
Upon submission, all trials are transferred to the Web application, where auditors can efficiently review, provide feedback, and take necessary actions, ensuring effective process from start to finish.
Travelling / Travel search compamies
Premium flight and hotel search engine
Technology /
Java, Spring, BigQuery, MySQL, Golang, NodeJs, NextJs, Angular, React, Google cloud
This system is a premium travel search engine designed for discerning travelers seeking comfort and class in their journeys. It caters to those flying in First Class, Business Class, and Premium Economy cabins and staying in luxury hotels & resorts worldwide. It addresses the challenge of finding the best travel offers and understanding the differences among various airline and hotel options. The engine utilizes proprietary algorithms to present competitive flight and hotel prices tailored to individual preferences. The platform emphasizes sustainability in travel and highlights green initiatives by airlines and hotels.
The team behind the system comprises experts in travel, technology, commerce, and journalism, with a global presence spanning Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. Through transparent ratings, this system helps users assess the quality of flights and accommodations, aiming to enhance the overall travel experience.
Wealth Management Service
Technology /
Founded in 2004, this leading Scandinavian financial advisory firm specializes in comprehensive wealth management services.
The firm offers a wide range of products, including tailored investment portfolios, retirement planning solutions, and insurance options. Utilizing advanced technology and sophisticated market analysis, they provide innovative financial products designed to optimize returns and manage risk. Their asset management services incorporate diverse investment strategies to cater to varying risk appetites and financial goals. Additionally, they offer specialized financial planning tools that help clients navigate complex financial landscapes.
The firm’s commitment to transparency ensures clients have clear insights into their financial products and performance. With a strong presence across the Nordic region, the firm continually innovates to maintain its position at the forefront of the wealth management industry.
Next-generation onboarding platform for the insurance industry
Technology /
Angular, Java, NodeJs, Postgresql, Heroku, RabbitMQ, Redis, Docker, AWS S3, Twilio, Microsoft Power BI, SendGrid, Bugsnag, Keycloak, ChatGPT
It's a forward-thinking technology firm specializing in innovative solutions for the insurance industry. The mission is to streamline and enhance the customer experience through advanced automation and intelligent platforms.
The developed platform is a next-generation onboarding solution designed to revolutionize the insurance industry. It allows customers to receive competitive insurance offers in just one minute.
Key Features:
  • Seamless Transition: Customers can effortlessly move their insurance policies from one provider to another.
  • Automated Document Handling: Using BankID, the platform automatically retrieves and parses existing insurance documents.
  • Competitive Offers: Insurance companies can use the platform to quickly analyze customer data and provide superior offers.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design ensures a smooth and efficient user experience.
This platform is setting a new standard for convenience and efficiency in the insurance market.
Service to find and compare mortgage rates
Technology /
Java, SpringBoot, Selenium, PostgreSQL, Angular, React, Heroku, RabbitMQ, Redis, Docker, AWS (Elastic Beanstalk, S3)
It's a Norwegian fintech service designed to help users find and compare mortgage rates, ensuring they get the best possible deals.
By comparing users' current mortgage rates with market offers, the service provides personalized insights based on data from over 200,000 users.
The platform's automated negotiation feature enables users to secure better rates with their existing bank or switch to a new one effortlessly.It continuously monitors the mortgage market and sends alerts when better deals become available.
The service aims to make the mortgage process transparent, accessible, and cost-effective. Additionally, it offers a user-friendly interface and secure access via BankID, making it easy for users to manage their mortgages and potential savings efficiently​
Recruitment tool
Technology /
Python (Django, FastAPI), Angular, BigQuery, Postgres, Elasicsearch, Redis, RabbitMQ, AWS (S3), CloudConvert
CVideo is an all-in-one web recruitment tool to attract and hire the best talent.
It provides functionality to create a branded career page, receive and store applications, evaluate candidates, and collaborate with colleagues and candidates inside the app. The data is stored securely, and the candidates can delete their applications anytime.
The tool has integrations with the most popular Norwegian hr services.