BL4SEA - Remote Verification
The Future Way To Operate
Customer /
Boatlabs AS
Project /
Industry /
Marine vessels
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Services /
UI | UX Design, Front-end, Back-end, Project management
Project type /
WEB, Mobile
Technology /
Angular, .NET, Azure, Flutter
About Customer
Boatlabs AS is an innovative and specialised advisory and consultancy company within the maritime, energy and offshore oil and gas industry. Boatlabs AS also provides a broad range of services and consultancy within technical, operational, new-build / upgrades / modifications, verifications, FMEA and DP Trials, compliance and advisory services.
BL4SEA service
BL4SEA is an online and remote service for inspections and surveys onboard all kinds of vessels and units. With BL4SEA remote verification, you can do your survey without disrupting your operations.
Client challenges
In an ever-evolving digital landscape, our client faced significant challenges with their legacy system. Outdated UX/UI, sluggish web application performance, and limited scalability hindered their ability to meet evolving user demands and business requirements.
Stale UX/UI Design
  • The user interface had grown stale over time, lacking modern aesthetics and user-centric design principles.

Outdated Web Application
  • The web application suffered from sluggish performance, non-responsiveness, and an outdated technology stack.
Obsolete Mobile Application
  • The existing mobile application, designed solely for iOS tablets, was built on an outdated tech stack and failed to meet the needs of a diverse user base.
Lack of Scalability
  • The entire system lacked scalability, posing a significant barrier to adding new features and accommodating future growth.
Our solutions
Recognising the urgency of the client's needs, our team embarked on a comprehensive modernisation and scalability initiative.
Renewal of UX/UI Design
  • Leveraging industry best practices and user feedback, we conducted a thorough redesign of the user interface, focusing on intuitive navigation, modern aesthetics, and enhanced user experience.
Upgrade of Web Application
  • We fully rewrite the FE part of the app, upgrade the BE tech stech to the last version with code refactoring. Also it was applied responsive design principles to ensure optimal view and performance across devices.
Mobile Application Transformation
  • Our team reimagined the mobile application, adopting a cross-platform approach to ensure compatibility across various devices and operating systems. We modernized the tech stack, enabling seamless functionality on both iOS and Android platforms.
Scalability Enhancement
  • Through architectural enhancements and cloud-native solutions, we transformed the system's infrastructure, making it inherently scalable and capable of accommodating future growth and feature additions with ease.
Development process
This project was started from Business Analysis and Design phase, where SeniorDev team did a review of existing system, described the existing functionality and define the list of new features that should be included in the first release.
The development team launched the implementation of approved functionality and designs using Agile Scrum methodology with iterative and incremental delivery of product features. Adaptive planning, continuous improvement, and regular feedback loops, enabling our team to swiftly respond to changes and deliver high-value products efficiently.
The testing phase involves validating the software against the specified requirements to ensure it meets quality standards. We had a various types of testing such as functional testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing (UAT).
Once the our software has been tested and approved, it was deployed to the production environment for end-users to use. Before go live, the team did a migration of all data from old system to a new one.
After release, SeniorDev worked on the system maintenance where we monitored, updated, and maintained to address issues, bugs, and new requirements.
App for vessel verification
Thank you very much! I Really appreciate all the hard work your team put into this. The code and work is of high quality, and it has been a pleasure working with you gents!
Sølve Ask Holm
CTO @ Boatlabs
The successful collaboration between Boatlabs AS and our development team culminated in the realization of BL4SEA, a game-changing solution revolutionizing remote vessel inspections. By addressing longstanding challenges and delivering innovative features, BL4SEA sets a new standard in maritime inspection practices, empowering operators with efficiency, agility, and safety in navigating the seas of tomorrow.