MPS is Norway's largest car damage chain with over 64 workshops, from Alta in the north to Kristiansand in the south.
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Identified business opportunity.
MPS approached us with a challenge: they were grappling with an outdated price request management system built on the WordPress CMS. This system was neither scalable nor easily adaptable for incorporating new features.
Wrote requirements together with the client.
We conducted a comprehensive assessment of the existing system's functionalities, compiling concise descriptions for each. Furthermore, we engaged in thorough discussions to pinpoint and specify the new features that were essential.
Building upon this valuable information, we meticulously crafted a project vision document, which outlined the primary project phases, established timelines, budgetary considerations, and more.
Selection technologies, and which needed staff.
We shared our project vision with the client, presenting our recommended technical stack, elucidating our project management strategy, and outlining the proposed team configuration. The client was in full agreement with our suggestions, and as a result, we collectively decided to greenlight the project for launch.
Implementation phases. Collaboration.
The project kicked off with the Discovery phase, led by our Business Analyst, who also served as the Project Manager. During this phase, we comprehensively documented both the existing functionalities and the newly required ones. Concurrently, the Project Manager collaborated closely with our Product designer to create mock-ups for each feature. All requirements and mock-ups underwent thorough client approval before being finalized for the development team. Following this, we conducted a comprehensive reevaluation of the entire scope of work, resulting in more precise timelines.
Upon securing client confirmation, we initiated the software development phase, adopting the Agile Scrum methodology. This approach involved organizing the work into two-week sprints, culminating in the presentation of completed functionalities to the client for feedback and evaluation.
Production, testing, further iterations.
Over a span of six months, we successfully developed and rigorously tested the initial version of the platform. Following this, we meticulously executed the data migration process from the legacy system and subsequently launched the new platform. Our team seamlessly transitioned into a phase of ongoing support tasks and diligently began working on the development of new features as per the prioritized backlog.
Customer quote. Improvements.
We continue to provide steadfast support for the MPS system while diligently working through a substantial backlog of new functionalities.
During our client's workshop, they expressed their satisfaction with our services and the MPS system, saying to our CEO:
You sit on a goldmine; I can just throw ideas at your team, and they make it happen.